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Re: page inversion in duplex

From: robert musa
Subject: Re: page inversion in duplex
Date: 22 Jul 2002 11:38:41 -0700

"Russell Lang" <address@hidden> wrote in message news:<address@hidden>...
> "robert musa" <address@hidden> wrote in message
> news:address@hidden
> > address@hidden (robert musa) wrote in message
>  news:<address@hidden>...
> > > I have a six page PS document which I need to print double-sided. For
> > > portability, I want to convert this PS to PDF. If I print the PS in
> > > GSview, every thing is fine. If I use GSView to convert to PDF and
> > > print the PDF (whether with GSview or Adobe), some pages are inverted.
> > > Depending on which "flip page..." duplex option I choose, either the
> > > front of the first sheet is upside-down (inverted) compared to all of
> > > the rest, or the entire first sheet is fine and the front of the
> > > remaining sheets is upside-down (inverted) compared to the back of
> > > those sheets. I am using GSview 4.3 and Ghostscript 7.03. This is
> > > independent of whether the "safer" option is on or off. Is this a bug?
> > > Or, am I misusing something? This is my first experience with these
> > > products.
> >
> > This occurs under Win98 and Win2000 with both Ghostscript 7.04 and
> > 7.05. The PS file is formatted for landscape printing on 8½ x 11
> > paper.
> -dAutoRotatePage=false
> From GSview, select "File | Convert", pdfwrite device,
> properties, then look for AutoRotatePages.

Thanks Russell - "autorotate /all" followed by printing "duplex,
landscape, flip on short side" gave me exactly what I needed.
("autorotate /none" printed "duplex, portrait, flip on short side"
also gave desired results.) Is there a way for me to change the
default from "autorotate not defined"?

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