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Presentation : "CALL BACK GATEWAY" and others

From: AMTI
Subject: Presentation : "CALL BACK GATEWAY" and others
Date: 10 Sep 2003 00:02:01 +0200

Dear Trader: 
We are looking for entrepreneurs to distribute/representing our new and 
unique line of products.

We were in contact before, here is an update

This proposal is not for individual users.
Here is a list of our new products: 
**GSM CALL BACK GATEWAY -     Drastically reduces your company overseas 
mobile phone bill (15-70%)

Most mobile networks charge at a substantially lower rate calls to a mobile 
phone abroad compared to a call from a local mobile phone whilst it is 
abroad.  Therefore, by using the Call Back system you are placing the call 
from your country to the remote mobile user and benefiting from the lower 
call rate. Installation takes around three minutes; it is easily connected 
to your phone line or to your PBX with an analogue connection. More 
options: Set limit on the use of the unit by each registered number; each 
number is allocated with a time-credit per month on a personal time slot.
**Printer SMS - to receive text message from any place in the word (SMS 

In your office, in your car or truck. No more error in address, messages, 
instantaneous orders to the mobile, etc.
You have many preset answer message you can sent to the sender... 
You can send your message to electronic display (any size) from any place 
in the world. NO infrastructure needed.
And many much more:
** Telemetry GSM multi channel system
** GSM Follow-me SMS controlled. 
** Cellular access control with your cellular phone. (Electronic door/gate 
** GSM modem...
Please feel free to contact me, and ask me any additional information 

Sincerely yours

Mario Ayalon
AMTI trade
Product information: address@hidden
Company: address@hidden
Sales: address@hidden

This one time communication contains information, which is confidential and 
may also be privileged. 
If you are not the intended recipient(s) please note that any form of 
distribution, copying or use of this communication or the information in it 
is strictly prohibited and may be unlawful. Sorry if you have received this 
communication in error please replay to: address@hidden and the sender 
(subjetL :by error). Please delete the e-mail and destroy any copies of it. 
Thank you.
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