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Friend, I forgot...

From: Arsalan Khan
Subject: Friend, I forgot...
Date: 22 May 2004 21:11:32 -0000

Hi Friend,

Yesterday, I told you about Corey Rudl's incredible e-mail 
marketing book over at:

Well, I forgot to mention that Corey Rudl is also the author of 
the best-selling Internet marketing course of all time over at:

This guy really knows his stuff... If you're business needs a 
lift, dig into one of these programs and apply what you learn.

Remember: If you want to be successful, learn from those who 
already are, not from those who *hope* to be... Corey is one of 
the absolute best and m.ade over $7,600,000 (that's $7.6 million) 
last year in online sales!

Imagine earning just 1/10th of that...


Warm regards,

Arsalan Khan

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