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, our biggest renovation secret revealed!

From: joe & lou
Subject: , our biggest renovation secret revealed!
Date: Fri, 5 Nov 2004 02:08:03 -0500

Hi ,
Joe and I have a great announcement for you we 
think you will love!
This incredible resource has only been shared 
with students in our Real Estate Wealth 
Mentoring Program!
For the last 5 years Joe & I have been keeping 
our rehab decorating 'Guru' Angelina all to ourselves.
We were hogging her services all to ourselves!
Until now...
Angelina has developed a new service that can 
give your renovations & rehabs that extra edge 
we've had for the past 6+ years!  
She has been designing & decorating our rentals 
and rehabs for years & putting big bucks into 
our pockets in the process!
==> www.Paintcolorsolutions.com

If you're anything like Joe or I, you probably 
have no clue how to decorate and design a house 
to keep up with all the latest and greatest trends.
We are even more clueless on color!
...and contrary to what you've heard, color does 
make a difference, a HUGE difference!
Angelina has been choosing all our interior and 
exterior rehab colors for years and now she's 
developed a product that can give you the same 
designer colors and success' we've had!
Don't waste a moment!
Go check out her site now!-- her product really can 
give you a HUGE competitive edge over your 
==> www.Paintcolorsolutions.com
Have a rich week,
Joe & Lou
P.S. Because she worked so closely with us for the last 
few years Angelina has agreed to let all our friends
get her introductory prices before she raises the bar
for the rest of the world! -- www.Paintcolorsolutions.com

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