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All Roads Lead to Rome

From: Chris Fischer
Subject: All Roads Lead to Rome
Date: 11 Dec 2004 22:17:23 -0000

Hi Friend,

I hope you're having a great day! Remember to let me know if
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Today's Feature Article:

All Roads Lead to Rome 
by John Colanzi

In the ancient world, long before telephones, computers 
and other modern methods of doing business, Rome was a 
hub of commerce.

The merchants of the day had a saying, "All roads lead to 

Luckily with our modern tools and equipment we no longer 
have such limitations.

The more things change, the more they stay the same. The 
ancient Appian Way, has been replaced by the "Information 
Super Highway."

Just as the ancient merchants and traders had a hub of 
commerce, you should have a central hub for directing your 

It took me a long time to figure that out and it's taken 
me even longer to implement that strategy. 

If you're serious about your success, all roads on the 
"Information Super Highway," should lead to your list.

It's no secret that the marketers making the biggest 
profits, have the biggest targeted lists.

Please take note; I didn't say a big list, I said a big 
targeted list.

When you sit down to map out your marketing strategy, 
your goal is to identify your target audience and put 90% 
of your efforts into building your list.

* Every page on your website should have a link to your 

* Every ebook you give away should have a link to your 

* Every email course you offer should have a link to your 

* Every article you write should have a link to your list.

All roads no longer lead to Rome, they should lead to your 

Build your targeted list and your success is guaranteed.

Copyright (c) John Colanzi.

John Colanzi uses the Plug-In Profit Site
to earn multiple streams of income from
home on the Internet. What about you?...


Warm regards,

Chris Fischer

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