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Marketing your property

From: david
Subject: Marketing your property
Date: Fri, 10 Jun 2005 09:35:11 +0100


Thank you for your enquiry about marketing your property.

This is an automatic email which saves my fingers at the keyboard! Our services 
is intended to enable us to work hard looking after your interests on a long 
term basis, hopefully generating good lettings for you season after season, and 
we expect to be paid on results.  

I ask £80 or 120EU for a fully optimised webpage, and an on-your-conscience 
commission on successful lettings or sales of between 5% and 10% on lettings or 
0.5% and 2% on a sale. No results, no payment, and we starve - so we make sure 
we get results.

If you want us to get going, please click on this link for simple instructions.

If you are an agent with many properties, I'm willing to negotiate on 
commission as well as being able to provide a discount for page setup for 
multiple properties. 

If you weren't expecting to pay anything at all, then please think about it! We 
survive upon the basis of our results and that means constantly maintaining 
pages and making sure that they are doing well in the search engines. You might 
have advertised on the web before and had a disappointing return: we make sure 
that our service is different.

So if you are interested, please go to www.latroba.co.uk/new for futher 
information.  You will also find an email address for asking further questions, 
without getting this automatic reply again! 

With all good wishes,

Yours sincerely,

David Pinnegar BSc ARCS

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