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The mail message (file: message.scr) you sent to 23:05:57 contains a vir

From: CxProtect
Subject: The mail message (file: message.scr) you sent to 23:05:57 contains a virus. (on server.cgcri.res.in)
Date: Tue, 14 Jun 2005 23:11:39 +0530

CxProtect™: Virus Found Notification 

------------------  Virus Warning Message (on server.cgcri.res.in)
Email From "address@hidden" was security checked by 3.93  version of 
Checked on: server.cgcri.res.in at: 23:05:56, 14-Jun-2005 Tuesday
Engine: 4.110.21, sign.def:14-Jun-2005, sign2.def:14-Jun-2005, 
Scanning Options Used :
Scan inside .ZIP and .ARJ files.
Disinfect whenever possible.
Scan compressed executables.
Scan of all type of files.
Remove infected Contents in attachments (Neutralize).
Detect standard Zip files irrespective of file extension.
Clean inside standard Zip files.


    From: address@hidden
    Subject: Mail Delivery (failure address@hidden)
        01.  Name: noname (Type: multipart/alternative)
         >> * No virus found * <<
            01.  Name: noname (Type: text/plain)
             >> * No virus found * <<
            02.  Name: noname (Type: text/html)
        02.  Name: message.scr (Type: audio/x-wav)
         >> * Deleted * <<
         + Neutralized +
          *** message.scr  Infection: W32/address@hidden (exact)

CxProtect Cleaned 0 infections and Neutralized : 1


  was originally
  designed, just to
  demonstrate the power

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