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Re: Color support in 'gs'

From: Didier Link
Subject: Re: Color support in 'gs'
Date: Fri, 02 Sep 2005 16:39:12 +0200
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Ramesh R - CTD ,Chennai a écrit :



>       My requirement is to print a section of the test file in RED color. 
>       How do I configure gs, uniprint or any other Linux command to print
>a section of text file in color. 
>                       ( OR )
>       What is the methodology to print my requirement.
>       Iam using my customized Linux 2.4.20 for an embedded application, I
>don't have any GUI/Tool to change color of the text.
>Thanks & Regards
The only mean that come in my mind is to use a perl script for filtering
the PS file or produce it directly from your text. You can use this
module for changing a lot of parameters of the postscript file including
colors :
Others in the same group can help to produce ps files and a pcl module
exist to convert text to pcl. I think it's just a question of puzzling
together this modules :)

However I've not tested this type of solution and I think it isn't the
rigth place to ask this type of question, have you tried a specialized
forum or newsgroup (try to search "postscript" in google groups) ??

Good luck !


Didier Link

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