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[bug-GIFT] socially

From: Marcus Wright
Subject: [bug-GIFT] socially
Date: Sat, 16 Sep 2006 21:57:44 -0500

On the contrary, he considered that fortune hadbeen ludicrously kind to him.
It was clear that Sandywas setting himself to play a part, for his manner had not itsusual ease.
I fancy Clifford Savory isnearer to him than most people. Leithen turned his eyes to the tall woman at his left hand.
Copyright laws are changing all over the world.
As always aftera meal, he felt languid and weak, but his mind was no longercomatose. He simply accepted the judgment of the expert. Despite theseefforts, the Projects eBooks and any medium they may be on may containDefects.
The great doctor had been ominously grave.
He wouldnt be happy at Warrenton, and Imcertain he wouldnt be happy on a horse.
It was a differentLondon then, quieter, cosier, dirtier perhaps, but sweetersmelling.
People withhalf their brains and a little sense of humour will make ringsround them. He had been amazinglysuccessful in his profession and had enjoyed every moment of hiswork.
So he talked about himself andhis recent doings.
But if I stayed on I could do nothing tohelp. There is no one at thistable who hasnt steady nerves and a vast deal of common sense. Honours had fallen to him out of all proportion to hismerits. This queer thought kept returning to him with the force of arevelation. Before thedepression we were getting rather gross.
He had had fifty-eight years ofhealth and wealth.
He had chosen the third, but seemed tohave a foot also in every other world.
He awoke, as heusually did nowadays, sweating and short of breath.
In each corner there were marble busts of departedRavelstons.
Leithens mind refused to bite on the details of his own case withits usual professional precision.
When her husband had been Ambassador at the Court of St. As an invalid, slowly growing feebler, alwaysexpectant of death? But not the right colour perhaps, she laughed. Before thedepression we were getting rather gross. He is in Town for the nightand suggests that you might dine with him. But if I stayed on I could do nothing tohelp. Im giving myself a holidayto look them up and to see my little niece. He got up andlaved his face with cold water.
He got up and dressed, and his cold bath gave him a ghost of anappetite for breakfast. He had given up weighing himself, but it lookedas if he had lost pounds in the past month. I heard his name for the first time a few weeks ago.
He had aroughish time in the War and the damage often takes years to comeout.
There was a grimsatisfaction in knowing the worst.
Ivedone enough, as Napoleon said, pour chauffer la gloire.
Odd that that remote memory should have been suddenly dugout of the lumber-room of the past!
Theyhad to endure all their days what he had endured to a small degreein the trenches.

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