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[bug-GIFT] lax specter

From: Annie Munoz
Subject: [bug-GIFT] lax specter
Date: Sat, 30 Sep 2006 22:50:17 +1300
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Will probably change tomorrow. And to be honest I didnt have he energy to argue or explain to them. Imagine what they go through everyday.
I couldnt believe it that they were under no supervision. I know what it feels like when you wake up to no water. I mean these people would get drunk then next morning they escort people into the red zone.
They go through tough times. Yes, I was thrilled when Zarqawi was killed. He used to sit with them.
Dont really wanna divulge in a political discussion when I know what they think.
But for now, Im happy that for the first time ever, HUBBY and I will have a real place together.
One day, Abu K asked HUBBY, can you show me the map of the world please.
Ive been stressed out ever since I came here.
Thankfully the fridge is right now resting where it should be with its doors back intact. A few drops struggling to come out.
green bathtub and white basin. As I stood there waiting for one of the cubicles to be free, the woman raised her head. They get drunk and next morning theyre supposed to protect those who they are escorting into the danger zone.
That's got to be some kind of record!
Families left behind will now rely more on each other, another time-honored tradition in rural Alaska. this aint cool at all.

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