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[bug-GIFT] DebtFree Immediately

From: tayna sanders
Subject: [bug-GIFT] DebtFree Immediately
Date: Mon, 13 Nov 2006 00:06:43 +0000
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Greetings from a pleased customer here. As you are aware of I used your firm
 to fully Eradicate all of my 52,000 dollars in credit card bills. I was
given a chance to discontinue all payments straight away without using
bankruptcy, counseling, or bank counseling. 

At this time, I am calling the shots again and ALL of my high-interest
bills due, penalties, and fees are gone Legally and rightfully Forever.

You call yourself the best nationwide you are right! I will be spreading
the news to my entire family and buddies to call you. They would be crazy
not to get in touch with you at once.

Thanks again,, you have given me another chance". 
Jhon C. in TX

Phone 312.683.5160

Exhaustive info or to discontinue getting or to comprehend our location

Rob regarded the brilliant apparition with a solemn face, but made no
answer.No living person, continued the Demon, has ever before been favored
with such comforting devices for the preservation and extension of human
life as yourself,
You seem quite unappreciative, it is true; but since our connection I have
come to realize that you are but an ordinary boy, with many boyish
limitations; so I do not condemn your foolish actions too harshly.

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