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Re: backtrace() problem on ia64

From: John Reiser
Subject: Re: backtrace() problem on ia64
Date: Wed, 21 Feb 2001 07:10:22 -0800

> |> backtrace() and backtrace_symbols_fd() don't give what I expect
> |> on ia64.
> Yes, it's not implemented yet for ia64.  Feel free to send patches. :-)

I found __ia64_backtrace() which works for me.  From the 46MB download
ftp://ftp.cygnus.com/pub/ia64-linux/snap-001117/src.tar.gz  [3 months old]
take gcc/config/ia64/frame-ia64.c .  Also add from gcc/ :
  defaults.h  frame.h  gthr-posix.h  gthr.h  ia64.h
and finally <build-dir>/gcc/tconfig.h after configuring.

An alternative is the linux kernel 2.4.1 implementation in
include/asm-ia64/unwind.h, arch/ia64/kernel/unwind_i.h, and
arch/ia64/kernel/unwind.c which looks to be more flexible but
needs some work for use in user space.

John Reiser, address@hidden

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