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Please help!

From: Calvert, Denny
Subject: Please help!
Date: Mon, 25 Aug 2003 14:46:00 -0400


        We are running Red Hat Advanced server 2.1 and we are having a
problem with glibc. When we send a report to the print que. The reports fist
line contains the following error:

        Incorrectly built binary which accesses errno, h_errno or _res
directly. Needs t

        We believe this was caused when our Oracle consultant upgraded our
glibc2.2.4-26.i386 to glibc2.3.2-11.9.

        We have contacted RedHat support and have not been able to get back
to the glibc2.2.4-26.i386. We have tried the rpm command with (oldpackage,
force, and replacefiles and also used rpm -Uvh) and nothing will let us
revert back to the supported glibc2.2.4-26.i386. We have been told that our
only option is a complete re-install of RedHat and that would take us back
to square one.

        If there is a manual way of getting around this please let us know!
If not do you know of any way to get by  the error that we receive when
trying to print?

Please advise!

Denny Calvert

Union Electric Steel Corp.

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