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Help one dream to become true!

From: Laurentiu Mata
Subject: Help one dream to become true!
Date: Sun, 9 Jan 2005 13:35:50 -0500

     Well ..my name is Laurentiu Mata...Larry for my friends..you can call me Larry as well...
I`m 28 y.o. and send this e-mail to you because my life is not exactly in the way I`ve dream about. ...
I`m from Romania and I work as a waiter...and one year ago I meet the girl of my dreams...
Now we programm to get maried .... is a very nice lady whit a very nice personality...is the
person that I`ve been wait all my life...I try to make a dream weding for her because she
always dream about this..the problem is that I dont have the money to make her dream become
true...I get a second job...and now I`m gona take the third one but part time...Unfortunatly
ourparents don`t have the money to help us for this weding and that`s way I`m trying to make
this step in order to make the money for our dream veding. The total cost of this weding is
2700 american Dollars....I have in my bank the money that I save in the last 6 month (300 $)
...so in this case I need 2400 nice people from around the world to help me with this dream...
I need like those 2400 people with big heart from around the world to help us with 1 (one!) dollar each....
I promisse that I`m gona send the pictures from our weding to all of you who help me whit this one dollar...
If you can not help me...is no problem!..Thank you a lot because you read this small piece from the story of my life..
But if you have some friends in your e-mail address meaibe they can help me...so you can help me
by sending this message to all of them...or meaybe just to some of them...
If you considere that this e-mail was a bad one...I apologise from the botom of my heart...
Thank you and good bless you!

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