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Re: algorithm of incremental updating

From: Shigio Yamaguchi
Subject: Re: algorithm of incremental updating
Date: Mon, 27 Jun 2005 20:58:55 +0900

> If logging messag are not changed, it comes to be contradictory to actual ope

I don't understand yet.
OK. I'll try to examine the method which satisfy both of the two requirements,
one is your intention, another is keeping logging message.
Please wait a little. (I'll try it in next month.)

> How about listing the added files, the deleted files and the updated files li
ke this?
> This is not influenced by tuning.
>   [Mon Jun 27 09:15:37 JST 2005] Gtags started.
>    Using default configuration.
>    Tag found in '/tmp/'.
>    Incremental update.
>    Updated files are src/foo.c, src/bar.c.
>    Added file is src/baz.c.
>    Deleted file is src/zoo.c. 
>    Global databases have been modified.
>   [Mon Jun 27 09:15:37 JST 2005] Done.

Isn't it statistics information?
I would like to change '**ed' to '**ing'.
I think that users want to know what the program is doing and how
the processing progreses.
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