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Re: GNU Global Keybindings and Conventions

From: Shigio YAMAGUCHI
Subject: Re: GNU Global Keybindings and Conventions
Date: Wed, 15 Feb 2012 10:23:25 +0900

> Hi,
> I recently updated my copy of GNU Global to 6.2 (coming from 5.something), 
> and noticed that one o
f my personal keybindings was being overridden.
> After looking in gtags.el, and reading the release notes, I see that some 
> keybindings changed in 
6.0.  However some of those changes (specifically, C-c g) do not obey the 
conventions defined in th
e Emacs manual 
> I see that functionality has been provided to use the old key map, but I 
> wanted to let you know a
bout those keybinding conventions.
> Thanks,
> Chris.

Thank you for telling the infomation. I did not know it.
I will change the key bindings to follow them.

By the way, though it has turned out that it must not carry out
little by little, there is no telling what should be done.
Since I'm not a emacs user, I cannot recognize the problems about
key bindings.

If someone makes a suggestion about the key bindings for gtags.el
on this mailing list, and if there is no opposite,
I will take it for gtags.el. Thank you in advance.

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