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Re: Print Problem with Groff(TKgnats): "couldn't execute"c:\Progra~1\gro

From: Mostafa Essaadi
Subject: Re: Print Problem with Groff(TKgnats): "couldn't execute"c:\Progra~1\groff\Bin\groff": invalid argument"
Date: Wed, 23 May 2001 11:36:27 +0200


> I have installed Gnats 3.113 on the Unix Sun machine and Tkgnats version
> 3.0.16 on
>  the clients windows machine.
> On my client i have installed cygwin-library version 1.3.3 and Groff for
> windows
> version 1.16.1. My Groff program is in my PATH: c:/Progra~1/groff/bin.
>  When I've tried to print a Problem Report in use TKgnats, i became this
>  Stack Trace for Error:
> couldn't execute "c:\Progra~1\groff\Bin\groff": invalid argument
>     while executing
> "open "|c:/Progra~1/groff/Bin/groff -t -T$Print(Format)
> > $Print(savefile)" w"
>     ("file" arm line 8)
>     invoked from within
> "switch $Print(Device) {
>         previewer {
>             set previewfile /tmp/tkq.ps.$TkGnats(LogName)
>             if {[string compare $Print(Format) "..."
>     (procedure "perform_print_cmd" line 23)
>     invoked from within
> "perform_print_cmd Raw_Data"
>     (menu invoke)
>  Can you help me to resolve this problem?

I don't have a Windows machine to try this on.

The problem is at about line 1809 of tkquerypr.tcl:

        file {
            if {[string compare $Print(Format) "troff"] == 0} {
                set fout [open $Print(savefile) w]
            } {
                if {[string compare $Print(Format) "ascii"] == 0 || \
                        [string compare $Print(Format) "latin1"] == 0} {
                    set fout [open "|groff -t -T$Print(Format)
$TkGnats(MsMacroSet) -P-b > $Print(savefile)" w]
                } {
===>                set fout [open "|groff -t -T$Print(Format)
$TkGnats(MsMacroSet)      > $Print(savefile)" w]

Before i send this mail i've tried the change in the same line "1809" witch:
set fout [open "|c:/Progra~1/groff/Bin/groff -t
-T$Print(Format) $TkGnats(MsMacroSet)      > $Print(savefile)" w]

because in advance i became the error: " couldn't execute "groff" no such
file or directory".
Furthermore i 've tried the different changes in this line what you told me
to do but is the same problem.

When i try to print with :

Device: file
Format: troff

is no problem, the printed file will be saved in the tkgnats Directory, it
should be open simply with EDITOR windows e.g. to print; but with another
formats "ps" "ascii" "dvi" and "latin1" is not possible to print i became
the error above.


M. Essaadi

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