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Password confirmation in TkGnats!

From: Mostafa Essaadi
Subject: Password confirmation in TkGnats!
Date: Mon, 28 May 2001 13:21:02 +0200


I've installed gnats 3.113 on the Sun machine and TkGnats 3.0.16 on the
win-clients machine.
I follow correctly the configuration in the README_win file.
By the Databasepassword configuration and for each user i have added this
lines (e. g.)
in the config-user.ini:

# Tell TkGnats about yourself

set TkGnats(LogName)      messaadi
set TkGnats(GroupName)    steria
set TkGnats(FullName)     "Mostafa Essaadi"
set TkGnats(EmailAddr)    messaadi

# server password fields: GNATSDatabaseAlias GNATS_SERVER userid password
set TkGnats(DatabasePasswords) {
gnats messaadi ****

The same configuration will be added in gnatsd.access file on the gnats sun


Then when i start tkgnats it will be open whithout password confirmation
although i have it added!

Any help is greatly appreciated,


M. Essaadi
mailto: address@hidden

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