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RE: make install failure of gnats 3.99

From: Eero Taipale
Subject: RE: make install failure of gnats 3.99
Date: Thu, 7 Mar 2002 20:50:30 +0200 (EET)

> After I ran a make on my solaris 2.8 machine everything went fine
> until I ran a make install which gave me this error, this is after I
> changed whoami in Makefile.in and Makefile under the gnats tools
> directory to `who am i` I get the following error.
> For some reason it picks up the second field of who am i (being
> pts/3) and not the first field(root)

Did you take a look at PROBLEMS and the scripts? Anyway, whoami and 
who am i may output different things, so they can't replace each other
that easily:

address@hidden gnats-3.999.1]$ who am i
computer!eero     pts/4    Mar  7 17:51
address@hidden gnats-3.999.1]$ whoami

...so no doubt who am i will not work. You need something like
        who am i | perl -pe 's/.*!([a-z]+) .*/$1/' or
        echo $USER
to bypass your trouble.

Eero Taipale
Lingsoft, Inc.                  etaipale at lingsoft-dot-fi.+358 9 668 9280

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