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gnatsd SEGV's with no gnats-adm/states file

From: Eric Siegerman
Subject: gnatsd SEGV's with no gnats-adm/states file
Date: Tue, 1 Jun 2004 23:38:16 -0400
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[Sorry this isn't structured as a PR submission.  I've never been
able to figure out send-pr's baroque email format -- or rather,
I've figured it out a couple of times but always forget.  On a
day-to-day basis, I only ever deal with gnatsweb.]

The gnats-adm/states file went missing from one of our GNATS
databases.  When someone subsequently tried to add a PR,
gnatsweb said something like "unparseable reply from GNATS".

The problem is in gnatsd, which, under these conditions, SEGV's
on a null-pointer dereference (and leaves the gnats.lock file
behind).  The "unparseable" reply that gnatsweb complains about
is actually no reply at all; I guess the process dies before
writing one to the socket.

The null pointer is variable default_val in createNewPRFile(),
specifically, in the "Ensure the PR has a valid STATE" code.

Attached are:
  - a gdb session, with stack backtrace
  - a copy of gnats-adm/dbconfig; there are local changes from
    the distributed version, but the `field "State"' paragraph is


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