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gnatsd crashes when trying to lock a nonexistent PR

From: Alex
Subject: gnatsd crashes when trying to lock a nonexistent PR
Date: Fri, 7 Oct 2005 03:21:40 -0400 (EDT)

I'm using version 4.1.0

How to reproduce:

$ ./gnatsd
210 User access level set to 'edit'
gnatsd: user 'alex' connected to database default
lock 2 alex 1234

Cannot allocate 4294967294 bytes after allocating 6279808 bytes

I've tracked the problem to be in pr.c function get_pr_path;
please explain the "else" clause of the first "if" statement:
What is the purpose of calling getCategoryFromIndex if "pr" is null ?
I put "return NULL" as a hack inside that else, and resolved this problem
(I now get "No PR 2 listed in the index").
get_pr_path gets always called after get_pr_from_index. If a PR is not in the index, why does it bother with calling getCategoryFromIndex ? In fact getCategoryFromIndex is only called by get_pr_path, and only when the PR is not in the index (pr == NULL). What is the purpose trying to find the category of a prnum that is not in the index?


if (pr != NULL)
      category = field_value (pr, CATEGORY (database));
    { ### WHY NOT RETURN NULL HERE ??? <<<<<<<<<<<<<<
      categoryFromIndex = getCategoryFromIndex (database, prnum, err);
      category = categoryFromIndex;

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