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RE: [Bug-gnupedia]Hello, This is the project

From: Duncan Lock
Subject: RE: [Bug-gnupedia]Hello, This is the project
Date: Wed, 17 Jan 2001 14:39:13 -0000

>Why the hurry? 

To gain momentum before www.nupedia.com does, I would think?

I didn't know about NUPedia.com before I read Hectors post. Having read
their web site and t&c's it would seem that they do everything that GNUPedia
wants to do except that Bromis Inc. (whoever they are) holds the copyright
to articles (albeit with liberal 'open content' style licensing). I would
assume (apart from the fact that an Open e-Pedia is the 'Right Thing' to do)
that this is why the FSF have decided to start the GNUPedia project.


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