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RE: [Bug-gnupedia] General content markup

From: Dave Kelly
Subject: RE: [Bug-gnupedia] General content markup
Date: Wed, 17 Jan 2001 14:43:44 -0600

>-----Original Message-----
>I would have thought you'd want a server structure
>that is as versatile, as compatible and as powerful as
>possible. As such I'd auggest this:
>A mySQL server to hold the article databse.
>A seperate server to hold media such as pics + movies
>A perl interpreter to handle uploads of articles etc.
>An XML/HTML server to display it all.

Personally, I'd rather see some kind of abstraction layer for an article
database, so you wouldn't necessarily be tied strictly to mySQL.  It
hopefully wouldn't affect performance very much, but would give you the
ability to switch back-end article databases if you would ever want to.  Why
would you want to?  Well...

If we define a flexible structure like this, then potentially more people
could get some good out of the software used to drive the encyclopedia.  For
example, a town's historical society could pull down the code for the
GNUpedia, and use it to make their own localized encyclopedia containing
information specific to their town.  Obviously this information would
probably be far more detailed than you would want in the GNUpedia, but
there's no reason someone couldn't take the GNUpedia code and create their
own specific encyclopedia to suit their own needs.  With an abstraction
layer, they can use any back end they want, as long as there's an API or
something to connect the two.


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