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[Bug-gnupedia] Various issues

From: Imran Ghory
Subject: [Bug-gnupedia] Various issues
Date: Fri, 19 Jan 2001 22:39:05 -0000

Are we going to just have long articles (as now appears traditional 
in computer encyclopedia) , or are we going to allow smaller "quick 
shot" entries as well (as is more common in small book 
encyclopedias) which don't bother with bibliographies and the like.

If we allow small articles it would initially give the encyclopedia a 
wider range of coverage and the smaller articles could be built on, 
to make more detailed articles in the long term.

Also, if we have an article and someone wants to make some 
alterations how should it work,

If the alterations make logical sense and the original author(s) 
would be likely to support the changes, should the suggested 
alterations be sent to the author so they can update the article and 
issue a new version ?

If the alteration are likely to be opposed by the original author it 
would seem the appopriate path would be to create a new article, 
but should it be given an entirely new ID or should it have one 
generated based upon the ID of the article it was derived from ?

Also in the case of co-authors how would article signing work ?

Imran Ghory

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