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Re: [Bug-gnupedia] Architecture Questions

From: Tom Chance
Subject: Re: [Bug-gnupedia] Architecture Questions
Date: Sat, 20 Jan 2001 11:55:32 -0800 (PST)

I think sponsorship is an option, but banners are a
definite no-no! We can't have adverts on our site, it
would be completely against the spirit of the GNUpedia
(and I emphasis GNU there). 


--- Imran Ghory <address@hidden> wrote: > On 20
Jan 2001, at 10:39, Bob Dodd wrote:
> > 1) Where will our master database live? I'm
> assuming GNU serversÂ… But
> > if our encyclopedia takes off, will GNU survive,
> or will so many
> > "normal" users (as opposed to the limited number
> of developers who use
> > it regularly)  querying the encyclopedia look
> start to like a denial
> > of service attack? :-)) How many hits can it
> really take? Will we be
> > limited to a maximum throughput rate, after which
> we must
> > reject/redirect queries?
> Remember that we're aiming at many server, each of
> which may
> well be only having a subset of the hole.
> If it goes under a heavy load sponsorship of the
> server could
> become a possibiliy, either by the way of one of the
> major linux
> supporters like VA or IBM, or by banner adverts.
> > 5) What web server will we be sitting behind?
> Apache I assume... What
> > feature of that server are we allowed to use? Is
> there a requiremet to
> > maximise client-side work?
> Remember after we get a core encyclopedia it might
> be time to
> produce a purely client side variant.
> Say we have a a couple of gigs of core data, I
> imagine that a lot of
> users would rather grab a CD then get the data from
> the website
> (faster access).
> Imran
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