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[Bug-gnupedia] Who will fufill RMS' announcement?

From: Aaron Swartz
Subject: [Bug-gnupedia] Who will fufill RMS' announcement?
Date: Thu, 25 Jan 2001 18:22:13 -0600
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It seems that we're all missing a key portion of RMS' announcement:


    The free encyclopedia will not be published in any one place. It will
    consist of all web pages that cover suitable topics, and have been made
    suitably available. These pages will be developed in a decentralized
    manner by thousands of contributors, each independently writing articles
    and posting them on various web servers. No one organization will be in
    charge, because such centralization would be incompatible with
    decentralized progress.

Neither Nupedia, nor GNE (or whatever we're calling it now) fit this bill
since they specify a specific server and format/database for the document.
It seems what is called for is a list of links to files (anywhere on the
Web) that qualify as encyclopedia articles. Forcing people to submit their
articles to a central server as both Nupedia and GNE seem to be planning
would clearly go against this description.

Does either GNU, GNE, or Nupedia intend to tackle this assignment?

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