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Re: [Bug-gne]a stab at GNE

From: Christopher Mahan
Subject: Re: [Bug-gne]a stab at GNE
Date: Wed, 07 Mar 2001 16:06:59 -0800

Well, there's the notion of the server.

I'm not sure where the server should reside.

As I am not well-versed in Linux/Apache, I'll leave that to another.

On the GNE server idea, how much would it take for GNU to host it?

I personally might contribute some toward the hardware, if necessary, but as I am not made of money, my wife would have a cow (to use an oft-used americanism).

As far as the legality issue, we'll cross that bridge when we get to it, I suppose.

On an aside, if we are not hosted by GNU, then we'll need a good domain name. As www.gne.org is taken, the thinking caps must be worn now...


From: Tom Chance <address@hidden>

Maybe they've all been scared away by the notion of
actually doing something, or maybe they gave up in
light of recent announcements. I reckon we can go on
like this for now though, and if we can secure a
proper server, perhaps from GNE, perhaps from another
source, on which we can put whatever OS we like and
whatever software we like, configured by us, then
we'll be sorted. In terms of our project goal, we seem
to be fairly coherent now. We all agree on where we
want GNE to go, how it should go there, and why. Our
only gripes are with legalities really. Once we get a
working system up, we could post another announcement
to Slashdot and other similar sites asking for more
help on the techie side and on the article side, and
start emailing universities and othe people for
articles on anything!

What we REALLy need to do though, is secure at least
one GNE server that isn't just something from a web
hosting company. It isn't going to be flexible enough
for our needs. So we need one that's ideally
accessible for one of us, so he can go and set it up
on site, and we need one that we can set up entirely
as we wish, from the OS up. Any ideas? I mean
corporate sponsorship seems out of the question,
unless we can find a company willing to sponsor us
with no monetary of PR return for them. (UK) National
Lottery money? :-) (joking!)

Tom Chance

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