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[Bug-gne] trenchant exaltation

From: Herbert Schaefer
Subject: [Bug-gne] trenchant exaltation
Date: Thu, 21 Sep 2006 02:44:27 +0200

After what seemed an eternity Hugh came towards her. I was only goingthrough with it because I didnt want to disappoint you. She and Treewoofe were good friends again.
But Lawson Dark, with blood trickling from a cut on hisforehead, had turned dazedly to his wife.
Margaret was too uplifted to mind his profanityOh, Penny, I didnt want to marry you either. Likely youll find emover in Jake Harmers wood-lot. You shouldnt be out without a jacket on a night likethis.
Brian trudged down the long grassy road to Little Friday Cove.
She was standing there in themoonlight where she had mocked him so long ago.
SHE didnt know it till hecome down to breakfast this morning. I neverdid or could seem able to bake damsons so as to please Dandy. Little Sam only pointed Aurora proudly out to Brian and asked himif he didnt think her pretty. Brian started convulsively and got up, shrinking into himself.
Harriet Dark perhaps turned over in her grave.
Some thought it wasbecause of the fire but the majority refused that opinion. And very tired, for he had been picking potatoes all day. Now and then through an open door he caught delicious smells ofsuppers cooking.
His heart was pounding with a wildexultation in his breast.
It was simply impossibleeven to IMAGINE being married to any one but Roger.
Oh, AuntMargaret, I wouldnt want you to be disappointed in me when youfound out I wasnt a good boy.
Allthe lost colour and laughter of life seemed to have returned. He simply made ablood-curdling sound that gave Mrs Toynbee a spasm.
Tempest Dark, his eyes alight with good-humoured mockery, haddecided that he would keep on living. It savoured too strongly of something miraculous and unclan-like.
I always carried it round ina folder in my breast pocket.
Naomi looked a little older and tirederand more hopeless.
Do you suppose, suggested Sim Dark horribly, that Mrs Dandy hassmashed the jug?
But if Cricket came he would likely just curl up onBrians bed and be quite comfortable. Anddear Aunt Becky who had made it all possible.
He would break theengagement before, if break it he must. I wonder, he thought wistfully, what it would be like to beloved.
But as things were, he thought hed better makeit six.
It wasplain to be seen now why she had thrown Penny over so heartlessly. He had got so out of the habit of swearing he was afraidhe could never get into it again.

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