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Re: Buffer overflows

From: Simon Waters
Subject: Re: Buffer overflows
Date: Mon, 21 Oct 2002 23:28:20 +0100

Lukas Geyer wrote:
> I think we should really try to get out a
> new version soon.

Hi All,

Lukas is right, humble apologies.

Okay I have just merged and committed changes to CVS head to fix
buffer overflows in epd.c and pgn.c.

The changes work on my test data (so far), and (more?)
gracefully handle previously identified bad cases - thanks

The changes to pgn.c are largely temporary, as we have patches
which rewrite large chunks of this lurking for the 5.06.

I still have some checks to do, and I want to check on some
loose ends before we release this as 5.05, but this is pretty
much as it should ship I think.

 Sorry for delays,


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