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Development version on GNU Chess

From: Simon Waters
Subject: Development version on GNU Chess
Date: Wed, 30 Oct 2002 16:17:00 +0000

Have just committed Lukas's cosmetic changes to CVS.

Have removed the nominal support for UNIVERSAL board (this
hadn't been actively maintained for a few minor releases, and
was starting to get in the way).

Removal of UNIVERSAL means I could lose the test for the alarm
system call (although this is widely available - Posix, SVR4,
BSD 4.3 etc etc) in configure, remember to add it back in if you
ever need it.

Also since test release of 5.05 I have cleaned up the format
modifiers for printf output, so they are now not only working
correctly, but logically correct, and should compile on stricter
compilers than GCC.
Since the test release we have new EPD parser and correction for
buffer overflow in pgn.c

I want to get 5.05 out tomorrow - I'll probably tidy up the
NEWS, and similar text files, but I'll only accept security
related changes, or changes required to compile on previously
supported platforms that have been broken by other changes, or
complete showstopper bugs, for 5.05.

 This one needs to get out, so we can move on to more exciting

 Thanks for all the patches and information, keep it coming,


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