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H2-H4, (AI E7-E5), B2-B4

From: Philip Couling
Subject: H2-H4, (AI E7-E5), B2-B4
Date: Wed, 30 Oct 2002 23:48:30 -0000

Hi, I just downloaded your chess game "GNU Chess".  I think that the AI in
it has a bug:

I made two moves :H2 to H4 (AI's move E7 to E5) then B2 to B4.  At this
point the AI stopped working.  I happened to have the Windows task manager
open (Win2k) showing the CPU usage.  I noticed that basicaly the AI was
doing nothing (CPU usage was on 1% instead of the usial 100%).  It seems
that it keeps dropping out of what ever decision making loop it has to
preform without making a move.  I have tried these two moves several times
and it does the same every time.

This is a problem for both GNU Chess 4 and 5

Hope that this is useful in some way.

Philip Couling

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