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Re: display of vcd dump files in electric

From: Steven Rubin
Subject: Re: display of vcd dump files in electric
Date: Sun, 06 May 2007 11:01:20 -0700

I highly appreciate that you have coded this nice tool,
as it allows me to show customers some diagrams without
requesting them to dive through endless listings.

I could manage to convert a standard vcd file from verilog or modelsim
to be read into electric, but I could not manage to view the states Z or z
and maybe resistive 1 or resistive 0.

Just a sample dump file holding the slang used to do this would be fine.

The Electric VCD reader for Verilog output handles just 4 states: 0, 1, X, and Z. It does not handle "resistive 1" or "resistive 0". I am unfamiliar with VCD file syntax for those states. If you have a SMALL example file, please send it to me.

   -Steven Rubin

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