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Re: *shell* TAB *Completions* fooled by $PWD/

From: Dan Jacobson
Subject: Re: *shell* TAB *Completions* fooled by $PWD/
Date: 11 Jul 2002 01:45:18 +0800
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K> The shell.el directory tracking mechanism could be modified to update
K> the PWD environment variable as well as its internal variables.  But

actually you are going to go nuts tracking all those variables,
e.g. what if I do in a shell window,
$ cd
$ su bob
$ cd inside
etc. while you are tracking $PWD unless you somehow have a behind the
scenes connection to get the real scoop from /proc or bash itself...
Oh, and say bob's dir is mode 700
$ su -c 'echo are you still following me?; bash -i' jimmy
$ cd; echo i said su _-c_ to keep you off the trail, but then used bash -i

Anyway, it will never track perfectly.
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