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misleading PROBLEMS entry

From: Dave Love
Subject: misleading PROBLEMS entry
Date: 18 Jul 2002 18:43:08 +0100
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What this says about Tru64 is certainly not true by default, although
you _could_ customize the default compiler options to break things
that way, in which case I expect plenty of other things would fail.
Just modifying the makefile won't work anyhow.

I suggest removing the item.

  * The `configure' script doesn't find the jpeg library.
  This can happen because the linker by default only looks for shared
  libraries, but jpeg distribution by default doesn't build and doesn't
  install a shared version of the library, `libjpeg.so'.  One system
  where this is known to happen is Compaq OSF/1 (`Tru64'), but it
  probably isn't limited to that system.
  You can configure the jpeg library with the `--enable-shared' option
  and then rebuild libjpeg.  This produces a shared version of libjpeg,
  which you need to install.  Finally, rerun the Emacs configure script,
  which should now find the jpeg library.  Alternatively, modify the
  generated src/Makefile to link the .a file explicitly.
  (If you need the static version of the jpeg library as well, configure
  libjpeg with both `--enable-static' and `--enable-shared' options.)

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