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Re: decode-char & utf-8-fragment-on-decoding

From: Dave Love
Subject: Re: decode-char & utf-8-fragment-on-decoding
Date: 05 Sep 2002 23:47:44 +0100
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Thomas Morgan <address@hidden> writes:

> I understand now that utf-8-fragment-on-decoding has no direct effect
> on decoding, but it is still not clear to me what indirect effect it is
> supposed to have when it is set through Custom.

When you customize it, it runs setter code, the same way as global
minor mode customizations typically do.  See the code if you really

> Right now it applies
> to CCL programs, but not to decode-char.  Is that correct?

I don't know what `it' refers to there.

> If so, perhaps that should be documented.  It's a rather confusing
> point for me because I am not an expert; there are probably other
> non-experts who would also find it confusing.

I don't know what you think needs documenting -- can you suggest text?
Custom is aimed at non-experts (though I use it almost exclusively).
As far as I can tell, the doc for the option says accurately what it
does and why (except that you could define arbitrary translations in
the table).

> If it is not correct, however, how about making decode-char look for
> utf-8-translation-table-for-decode within translation-table-vector
> rather than accessing the Lisp variable directly?

I don't understand.

> The Custom set function for utf-8-fragment-on-decoding never changes
> the variable utf-8-translation-table-for-decode, but it does change
> the corresponding member of translation-table-vector by calling
> define-translation-table.


I'm afraid I don't understand what the problem is, perhaps because I
don't have enough context.

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