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bug#374: Info header line does not respect mouse-1-click-follows-link

From: Drew Adams
Subject: bug#374: Info header line does not respect mouse-1-click-follows-link
Date: Sat, 14 Jun 2008 13:03:37 -0700

> > And that's precisely why we let them use mouse-1 to follow 
> > links. I am not proposing to take that away from anyone
> > who expects or wants it.
> I am sure you not. I just thought this was a good time to ask for 
> consistency regarding underline.

I object to that, and not just in this case. Nothing prevents you from starting
a new thread or filing a new bug, and even using "[was: Info header line does

It hasn't happened yet in this case, but injecting a new topic can cause threads
to diverge and the original topic to become lost. It happens quite often in
emacs-devel. Everyone has done it, including me. Very few people ever
intentionally hijack a thread, but it happens quite often unintentionally.

The risk is always there, but it is strongest when the new topic is more
controversial than the original - people jump in to argue about the sidetrack. A
casual side proposal about key bindings or colors is almost sure to set some
people off, and can easily lead a thread astray.

In this case, I myself might want to contribute to a discussion about link
underlining (haven't thought about it), but I'm not going to do that within this

> (I think telling about it in a context like this may be better
> than making it a separate proposal, but I am not sure.)

Absolutely not. Yes, context helps. But nothing prevents you from copying some
of the context to a new thread. You can even keep the original subject with
"was", for reference.

It's hard enough to keep people focused on rational argument, without adding
forks in the path.

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