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bug#882: [emacs-snapshot] Wrong size of frame when maximized at startup.

From: Fernando
Subject: bug#882: [emacs-snapshot] Wrong size of frame when maximized at startup.
Date: Thu, 4 Sep 2008 12:10:40 +0200

I'm using sawfish window manager (lisp lover too ;D), and one of the
features of it allows regexp matched windows to be maximized at

In emacs22 the behavior is nice.. emacs gets maximized with the right
dimensions and size, matching the limits of the window frame.
(screenshot: http://www.uco.es/~q22cavaf/emacs22.png  )

However, when i'm using emacs-snapshot package emacs does not cover
the full size of the window frame (see screenshot below).
( http://www.uco.es/~q22cavaf/emacs-bug.png  )

It looks like the size of the inner frame is somewhat related to the
font I'm using (it always has 123x33 characters, aprox) and some
bigger fonts make the emacs rendering be even bigger than the window
When running without configuration ( emacs-snapshot -q ) the window
gets the right size, filling the window frame, but  it looks like it
is "123x33" also... I think that maybe the window got filled BEFORE
the user font configuration was read, and that might be the reason why
it gets the right size when no configuration is made but wrong size
when setting a custom font.

The frame gets fixed as soon as I unmaximize the window, but I would
like to know if this can be fixed someway to behave like emacs22.

Thank you so much.. best editor in the world, really.

Fernando Carmona Varo

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