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bug#280: 23.0.60; Disappearing cursor over composed char

From: Chong Yidong
Subject: bug#280: 23.0.60; Disappearing cursor over composed char
Date: Wed, 24 Sep 2008 14:00:13 -0400

> I have a utf-8-unix-encoded file named `norgard' which contains
> the following two lines:
> Rilke Sings Nørgård
> Nørgård
> The `å' in `Nørgård' is composed of ASCII `a' and Unicode `̊'
> (combining ring above), the second of which appears in my Emacs
> (in X Windows) as a hollow box.  The composed char is displayed
> as a normal ASCII `a'.  Visited literally, the file looks like this:
> Rilke Sings N\303\270rga\314\212rd
> N\303\270rga\314\212rd
> But visited in utf-8-unix with auto-composition-mode enabled,
> the cursor behaves strangely.  When I move the cursor to the `a'
> on the first line with `C-f' or `C-b', the cursor disappears.
> It reappears when I move the cursor away from the `a' with any
> cursor motion command.

Do you still see this with latest CVS?

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