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bug#1138: 23.0.60; ps-print.el error with unusual page sizes

From: Vinicius Jose Latorre
Subject: bug#1138: 23.0.60; ps-print.el error with unusual page sizes
Date: Fri, 17 Oct 2008 00:05:40 -0200
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Friedrich Delgado Friedrichs wrote:

Vinicius Jose Latorre schrieb:
Ok, it seems ok to add these two new entries into ps-page-dimensions-database.

Well, it's customisable, so I customised it according to my paper size


Would there be another way to print a small page from emacs?

Well, the right thing to do is to add new entries into ps-n-up-database, like:

(defconst ps-n-up-database
    (100 nil 1  1  0))
    (100 nil 1  1  0)))

Label printers support lots of unusual small paper sizes.

The Seiko SLP-440 I'm using has

8mmSpine 35mmSlide AddressLarge AddressSmall Diskette EuroFolderNarrow
EuroFolderWide EuroNameBadge FileFolder Jewelry MediaBadge
MultiPurpose Shipping VHSFace VHSSpine ZipDisk CutHanging13
CutHanging15 EuroFileFolder RetailLabel EuroNameBadgeLarge
TopCoatedPaper Custom

And Custom allows me to specify completely arbitrary values.

(If you're interested in the exact dimensions for all of those, I can
quote them from the ppd, but:)

Well, I think it could be a good thing to have these dimensions, if you can, please, send them back to me.

Does it really make sense to add all those unusual sizes to
ps-n-up-database, especially since it's not configurable, but
ps-page-dimensions-database is?

Hmmm, as you said (below), it does not make sense to have n-up > 1 for these sizes, so your patch seems suitable to deal with this situation without having to add entries into ps-n-up-database.

Please, try the change above and let me know the results.

I can try this later at home, but I don't really like the approach
here. I think it doesn't scale. When I go and buy differently sized
labels, I need to touch ps-n-up-database again, adding the same value
'(100 nil 1 1 0).

Does it make sense to have ps-n-up-printing > 1 for these 2 new entries??

Not really. Most content needs to be specially sized to even fit on
one page. We're talking about 5.4mm x 150mm, i.e. a long receipt and
5.4mm x 100mm, a large address label here.

ps-print does not deal with paper sizes which only can have 1 n-up, but it's possible to change this if this is the case.

As a user, I'd prefer it if a sane default for 1 n-up would be chosen
if the page size is smaller than, say, A6.

Ok, it seems that your patch does this.

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