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bug#1171: #1171 - ns-version-string - Emacs bug report logs

From: Yavor Doganov
Subject: bug#1171: #1171 - ns-version-string - Emacs bug report logs
Date: Thu, 23 Oct 2008 02:20:04 +0300
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Adrian Robert wrote:
> > Windowing system distributor `GNU', version  
> >
> How do you generate this output?

With M-x report-emacs-bug -- I thought the whole point of this
discussion/bug was inluding useful information in initial bug reports,
without the necessity to ask the bug reporter about additional

Anyway, I don't have strong feelings about this -- reporting the
gnustep-gui version is good enough.

> And do you know what code is responsible?

It's in lisp/mai/emacsbug.el.

> x-server-version should be returning identical to ns-version-string

That's wrong for GNUstep on a GNU/{Linux,Hurd,kFreeBSD} system where
presumably the desirable thing is to report the X server version (in
fact it would be much better to report the GNUstep backend, or both).
Furthermore, although GNUstep has minimal WM support and theoretically
Emacs.app can run under plain X (haven't tried that, personally), it
is a bit inappropriate to call GNU a "Windowing system distributor".
GNUstep provides some primitives, but really relies on X to be
available and running.

> If you could put a println in ns_appkit_version() in nsfns.m and see  
> if it IS indeed being called and if it IS generating that weird  
> string, it would help track it down.

Thanks, I'll hopefully do that tomorrow.

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