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bug#1958: 23.0.60; org-mode does not honour shift-select-mode

From: Andreas Amann
Subject: bug#1958: 23.0.60; org-mode does not honour shift-select-mode
Date: Fri, 23 Jan 2009 12:34:40 +0000
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May I just add one little aspect to this:

Note that in org-mode the shift-arrow keys only work, when the cursor is on an 
item line 
(i.e. one starting with at least one "*")! Otherwise the shift-arrow keys 
simply give the error 
"Not in an item", and blocks a potentially useful binding without real benefit. 

Would it therefore be possible to only switch on the org-specific shift-arrow 
binding on item lines, 
where they are only useful anyhow?  I.e. instead of printing the error message, 
one could fall back 
to whatever the standard binding outside org-mode is. This would be fairly 
intuitive from a user 
point of view in my opinion. The only complication might be to decide, what 
should happen, when 
shift-selecting from a non-item line into an item line. 


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