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bug#2052: 23.0.60; byte-compiled Emacs Lisp files are not shown during f

From: Drew Adams
Subject: bug#2052: 23.0.60; byte-compiled Emacs Lisp files are not shown during find-filecompletion
Date: Sun, 25 Jan 2009 10:50:35 -0800

> 3. Type in "/tmp/afile.el" (without the double-quotes) and then hit
> the TAB key twice.  It reads "Sole completion" for only the .el file,
> which wrong because the .elc file does indeed exist.  The
> /tmp/afile.elc file exists as you can tell by examining the
> filesystem.
> Now, granted, I can see that this might be a feature that was added, I
> mean, who in their right mind would want to actually view the .elc
> file contents? But, I don't want to look at it, I want to see if it is
> there.

Apologies if I missed something - I didn't read your report in detail. But is
the behavior different from what you see with previous Emacs versions?

In particular, isn't this the normal behavior, assuming that ".elc" is in
`completion-ignored-extensions'? If this is in fact the problem, see the Emacs
manual, node `Completion Options', which includes this:

"When completing file names, certain file names are usually ignored.
The variable `completion-ignored-extensions' contains a list of
strings; a file name ending in any of those strings is ignored as a
completion candidate.  The standard value of this variable has several
elements including `".o"', `".elc"', and `"~"'.  For example, if a
directory contains `foo.c' and `foo.elc', `foo' completes to `foo.c'.
However, if _all_ possible completions end in "ignored" strings, they
are not ignored: in the previous example, `foo.e' completes to
`foo.elc'.  Displaying a list of possible completions disregards
`completion-ignored-extensions'; it shows them all."

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