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bug#2149: 23.0.60; docview set slice when avoidance mode active

From: Tassilo Horn
Subject: bug#2149: 23.0.60; docview set slice when avoidance mode active
Date: Mon, 02 Feb 2009 21:21:18 +0100
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MON KEY <address@hidden> writes:


> Selecting from menu-bar > DocView > Set Slice
> ;;;doc-view-set-slice-using-mouse I am unable to freely move the mouse
> over the doc to set x & y for slice.  Mouse keeps jumping back to the
> right fringe per avoidance settings.  *BUT* if i move across the top
> of the menubar and/or *very* rapidly move the mouse to left fringe I
> can get a few moments of mouse trigger time before mouse re-banishes
> to right.
> This is not intuitive behavior.  If possible, when avoidance mode is
> active the menu option should not be available and/or avoidance should
> be temporarily overidden when doc-view-set-slice-using-mouse has been
> invoked.

Which avoidance setting do you use?  I tried animate, but the behavior
is not as frustrating as you say.

The problem with mouse-avoidance-mode is that it's a global minor mode,
so disabling it only for doc-view buffers doesn't work.  I could
deactivate it temporally while slicing with the mouse, but that doesn't
help much and works only around the real problem:

  mouse-avoidance-mode makes no sense and is irritating in buffers where
  point isn't visible like image-mode or doc-view.


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