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bug#3501: 23.0.94; Use Unicode in Info (?)

From: Drew Adams
Subject: bug#3501: 23.0.94; Use Unicode in Info (?)
Date: Mon, 8 Jun 2009 20:23:49 -0700

> > Can't we use Unicode or in some other way use accented characters in
> > people's names (when appropriate)?
> >  
> > For example: Tibor S<imko, Franc,ois Pinard, Jan Dja"rv, W/lodek
> > Bzyl, Sascha Lu"decke, Arne J/orgensen. I'm assuming that punctuation
> > characters such as " and / should really be composed with one of the
> > other chars here - dunno. Dunno about a name such as Ken'ichi - is the
> > ' a separator here, or should it be combined with some another
> > character?
> Are you asking that Emacs Info reader displays "S<" as S and "/o" as
> ø?

Yes. (Dunno about the particular fancy chars that should result, but yes.)

> Or are you asking that the Info files themselves include non-ASCII
> characters?

Dunno whether I'm asking that also. If it's important for some reason to what is
perceived by users, then yes; otherwise, no.

I was thinking of display - what the user sees. But it should, if possible,
affect also searching (including regexp searching) and any other behavior the
user can notice. The user should experience only the fancy character, both
visually and every other way. What is in the actual file is not important here,
except in so far as it might affect perception.

> What goes into the Info files depends on the directives in the Texinfo
> sources and on the command line arguments used when makeinfo was
> invoked to produce the Info files.  You will see in the `doc'
> directory that we already invoke makeinfo with --enable-encoding
> switch in some cases.

Whatever is already done is not sufficient in this regard, as indicated in the
original report: I don't see composed characters; I see punctuation in the
middle of people's names. I see J/orgensen, not Jørgensen.

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