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bug#3522: Acknowledgement (Tab doesnt automatically correct dir names du

From: Mukesh Gupta
Subject: bug#3522: Acknowledgement (Tab doesnt automatically correct dir names during Find-file)
Date: Thu, 11 Jun 2009 13:18:21 +0530
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i knew that something is amiss but i didnt know what.
Ok, #3522 is not a bug but (as is mostly the case with supposed bugs) a variable that was not set.

my default emacs (21.3.1) works fine with this variable.
(setq completion-ignore-case t) ;; find-file converts ~/tx to ~/Txt on pressing tab

But for emacs 22.3.1, this setting is required.
(setq read-file-name-completion-ignore-case t) ;; For Emacs 22.3, it is reqd.

Did i tell you that the new GUD is simply GREAT!!

Thanks for everything.

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