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bug#3529: 23.0.94; C-h k mouse-1 on mode-line fields with menus brings u

From: Drew Adams
Subject: bug#3529: 23.0.94; C-h k mouse-1 on mode-line fields with menus brings up the menu
Date: Fri, 26 Jun 2009 17:14:18 -0700

> > It should describe mouse-1 at that point. It should not 
> > just bring up the menu. IOW, it should act just like
> > C-h k mouse-1 does when you click the buffer name: give
> > you info about what mouse-1 does at that position.
> The current behavior was made specifically so that C-h k can 
> be used to
> figure out which command is run by a given menu entry.  I 
> agree that it
> can sometimes be useful to figure what the name of the menu, but
> currently Emacs does provide any way for the user to 
> distinguish between
> the two cases, so depending on how you define the menu (either as
> a keymap or as a commmand that pops up a menu), you can 
> either find info
> about the bindings in the menu, or info about the menu itself.
> I personally need info about the bindings a lot more often than info
> about the menus, which is why we have the current behavior.
> It's also in line with the behavior of C-h k for menubar menus.

My bad. I misunderstood. For some reason (duh), I didn't think to choose a menu
item. I thought it was just doing the same thing as clicking mouse-1, instead of
providing help. Dunno why I didn't figure it out. This change was a good one.

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