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bug#5502: compile.el uses non-mode-line faces in the mode line

From: Stefan Monnier
Subject: bug#5502: compile.el uses non-mode-line faces in the mode line
Date: Mon, 01 Feb 2010 21:36:36 -0500
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>     Why do you set inverse-video to nil?  

> My real goal, as I mentioned, is to have inverse video in mode lines,
> and all face attributes turned off in buffer contents in tty emacs.
> (The behavior of Emacs for 20+ years, until Emacs 22 "improved" faces by
> making them apply to tty windows, with no way to get the old behavior.
> Sigh.)

> I can give you more complex code if you want (ie, the code I'm actually
> trying to use).  This minimal example was only intended to show that the
> same compilation faces were being used in the mode line and buffer
> contents, which other parts of Emacs do not do.

> Thus, if I turn off faces for the buffer contents, they stay turned off
> in the mode line, and vice versa.  If different faces were available,
> they could be controlled independently.  (As an alternative, I suppose I
> can try to defadvise mode line generation, or some such.)

>     If you set it to `unspecified' instead, it should work right.

> Unfortunately, it didn't help me do what I'm trying to do.

Why not?  "turning a face off" is done by setting its attributes to
`unspecified' rather than to nil.


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