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bug#6259: 24.0.50; `uniquify.el' advises `create-file-buffer'

From: Drew Adams
Subject: bug#6259: 24.0.50; `uniquify.el' advises `create-file-buffer'
Date: Mon, 24 May 2010 10:03:04 -0700

1. I thought that distributed Emacs code was not supposed to use
`defadvice'.  `uniquify.el' uses it.
2. That advice makes the doc for `create-file-buffer' incorrect:
emacs -Q
C-h f create-file-buffer RET
There is nothing about the function being advised.
Now turn on `Use Directory Names in Buffer Names' from the `Options'
C-h f create-file-buffer RET
You now see this added to the doc string:
 This function is advised.
 After-advice `create-file-buffer-uniquify':
 Uniquify buffer names with parts of directory name.
Now turn using directory names back off again, using the same menu item.
C-h f create-file-buffer RET
still says the same thing.  It _seems_ to be saying (and it will be read
this way) that buffer names are currently being uniquified with parts of
buffer names - which is incorrect.
3. Besides all that, "uniquify" is not a word (OK, in English anyone can
invent a word, but it is not a well-known term).  So any such doc should
be rephrased to say what actually happens to the buffer name.

In GNU Emacs (i386-mingw-nt5.1.2600)
 of 2010-05-23 on G41R2F1
Windowing system distributor `Microsoft Corp.', version 5.1.2600
configured using `configure --with-gcc (3.4) --no-opt --cflags -Ic:/xpm/include'

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