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bug#5135: [gnu.org #565169] Deniz Dogan EMACS Assignment

From: Deniz Dogan
Subject: bug#5135: [gnu.org #565169] Deniz Dogan EMACS Assignment
Date: Thu, 3 Jun 2010 17:53:43 +0200

2010/6/3 Chong Yidong <address@hidden>:
> Deniz Dogan <address@hidden> writes:
>> This patch adds the user option to sort nickname listings in the way
>> that many other IRC clients sort them.
>> Details:
>> * Added rcirc-nickname<, a function which acts like string< but for
>> IRC nicknames, making  <at>  less than + and comparing case-insensitively.
>> * Added rcirc-sort-nicknames-join, a function which takes a string of
>> IRC nicknames and a separator, sorts the nicknames and returns the
>> result.
>> * Added rcirc-sort-nicknames, a customizable variable which when
>> non-nil will make rcirc sort any NAMES responses. nil by default.
>> * Changed rcirc-handler-366 (RPL_ENDOFNAMES) to respect rcirc-sort-nicknames.
> If most IRC clients sort nicknames this way, it may not be necessary to
> create a new option `rcirc-sort-nicknames'.  We should just perform the
> sorting automatically.  What do you think?  (I don't know enough about
> "typical" IRC behavior to say).

I'm all for making this option the default - I see no reason why
people would not want to sort the nicknames. Pretty much every IRC
client used today sorts the nicknames like this. I just figured maybe
some people get annoyed by the (almost infinitely small) overhead it
takes to perform the actual sorting. rcirc users like to keep it
minimalistic I have found.

> Also, your docstrings need work.  Please read the Documentation node in
> the Elisp manual:
>     When you write a documentation string, make the first line a
>     complete sentence (or two complete sentences) since some
>     commands, such as `apropos', show only the first line of a
>     multi-line documentation string.

Sorry about that, I will take that part of the manual into account in
any future patches.

By the way, it seems Stefan already applied this patch, so I don't
know where to go from here...


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