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bug#6344: 24.0.50; doc of menu separators

From: Drew Adams
Subject: bug#6344: 24.0.50; doc of menu separators
Date: Thu, 3 Jun 2010 10:56:07 -0700

emacs -Q
C-h i, Elisp manual.
Node `Extended Menu Items' says only this about separators:
"A string starting with two or more dashes specifies a separator line;
see *Note Menu Separators::."
Node `Menu Separators' says, likewise, that this is all that is
permitted: (menu-item SEPARATOR-TYPE)
A user will naturally wonder, "Is there no way to specify :enable or
:visible for a menu separator?"
In fact, there is a way, simply use:

 (menu-item SEPARATOR-TYPE nil :visible PREDICATE)

In sum, the doc (spec) for separators is incomplete.

In GNU Emacs (i386-mingw-nt5.1.2600)
 of 2010-05-23 on G41R2F1
Windowing system distributor `Microsoft Corp.', version 5.1.2600
configured using `configure --with-gcc (3.4) --no-opt --cflags -Ic:/xpm/include'

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